Staying focused and learning better Twitter. Time management is very important. But also have some fun while working with Twitter. I did watch a story on the news today about kids that was sending over 30,000 text messages per month. How many tweets should you send per day?

Tweedy steps for day 3:

11. Add some statistic to your tweets
As you keep growing your Twitter community it is really recommended that your keep track on your growth. Twittercounter is a great tool to keep track of your Twitter growth. I also use this tool to find new followers.

12. Do NOT spam!
Nobody likes a spammer. It’s ok to tweet links to your blog or other web sites you think will benefit your followers. But don’t put your affiliate links in a tweet. More then likely you will find that words will spread and your friends will start unfollow you.

13. Recommend your friends to the Twitter community
When someone is new to Twitter then introduce them to the Twitter community. Say something like; Hi friends. Take time to meet my new friend @yourfriend.

I also recommend that you share with the Twitter community people you follow that you think others will benefit from.

14. Use Twitter time management tools wisely
Tweetlater is a great Twitter time management tool. You can schedule your tweets there. But I do NOT recommend to auto post tweets. More then likely you will then also risk that your friends will start unfollow you.

15. Post your Twitter Top Followers List
It does not hurt to brag and share with the Twitter community some of the cool people you follow.

My cool Tweedies:
@barackobama - Hey President Obama is on Twitter - so why not follow him. The cool things are that he will follow you back again.
@schwarzenegger - Governor Schwarzenegger also provide some great info – cool to follow.
@harleydavidson If you are Born To Ride then just follow…
@problogger - Darren Rowse is one of the top notch people to follow on Twitter. You can’t go wrong on follow him his tips are just awesome.
@danzarella - Dan Zarella provide some awesome Twitter scripts.
@JesseNewhart - Jesse Newhart is one of my favorite friends. You can really learn a lot from his tweets.
@MrTweet - MrTweet is great to follow – gives you suggestions and updates on potential new followers.
@sugarjones - What can I say – I just love her tweets..
@skinnyjeans - When can you say it is sexy to follow someone on Twitter?
@stephenfry - You gotta follow someone that has this many followers..

I have some great people in my Twitter community, and they for sure are providing some great contribution helping out with my new beginning.

Twitter officially rocks!

Check out:
Day 1
Day 2

Come Tweet with me at:



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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is my favorite one in this trilogy. But friends there is no fast or furious way to start a new beginning and tweet like a pro. It will take persistence and patience, and believing that you can achieve the goal of tweet like a pro by doing what it takes.

Tweedy steps for day 2:

6. Say Hi to your Followers
You will get notified at the email you signed up with when you have a new follower. Twitter allows you to send a Direct Message to your followers. So I recommend sending a welcome note to your new followers. Personally I want recommend to put in any link on your welcome note. I rarely click on these links, unless I have requested it. It’s accepted and highly recommended to rather put your links in your tweets. Direct Messages is a communications between you and me. Tweets reach out to all of your followers.

7. Organize your Tweets
As you Twitter community start growing, it gets harder to stay in touch with everyone. And it is also hard to follow all the Tweets that you get. I did start out organize my tweets with these three steps;
a. Sign up for Gmail by Google.Gmail is great when you set up your auto replies in next step.
b. Sign up for Tweetlater. This is a great tool to help schedule your tweets. And also to set up welcome notes on auto pilot. I use this for my welcome notes. Works great.
c. Sign up for Tweetdeck. This is a really great platform for organizing and sending your tweets. It let you organized tweets in groups and you add helpful tweets into favorites. One tip here is also to follow @tweetdeck on Twitter.

8. Reply and Retweet
When you see a tweet that you think your followers can benefit from then either reply or retweet this tweet. With reply or retweet all of your followers will get notified when you see a tweet you like or comment on. It will take a little while before you get your first retweet. In the start you will more then likely get some replies. Don’t be discouraged your first retweet will eventually come.

9. Finding more followers
Building your Twitter community one step at the time don’t need to be tricky. The big question is should you go for Quantity or Quality. Read this article to learn what is the best approach here - Twitter Followers: Quantity or Quality?. Two great places to start out finding new followers is;
a. Facebook - here you can do a search on Twitter groups. There you will find several "Follow Me – Follow You" groups.
b. Twellow - here you can find people that has interest in the same category as you, or look for people in your neighborhood that use Twitter.

10. Get the Twitter toolbar
Learning from some of the best is always a great approach. Dan Hollings has created one of the most comprehensive Twitter tools - My Twitter Toolbar. And I also recommend here to follow @dhollings on Twitter.

Don’t strive for perfect go for good enough!

Check out Day 1

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How To Tweet Like A Pro in 100 days

Posted by Are Morch - | 12:24 PM

President Obama will be measured on his first 100 days. Can we make a new beginning for ourselves in 100 days? I know that we can make a difference in 100 days.

So our first goal will be to learn how to Tweet like a Pro in 100 days.

To achieve this goal we have to make several Tweedy Steps.

1. What is Twitter all about?
Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. People write short updates, often called “tweets” of 140 characters or fewer. These messages are posted to your profile or your blog, sent to your followers, and are searchable on Twittersearch.

2. Sign up for Twitter
Twitter is a free service. So this step is fairly easy. You sign up with your real name and select your username. I have seen some that say selecting a username on Twitter is like selecting a top-notch domain. At this point we are just learning about Twitter, so personally I did not put too much into it. I selected a name that was related to my blog and it was available. But you are not limited to just one Twitter account, so if you come up with a top-notch name that is available – go for it.

3. How do you use Twitter?
You need an Internet connection or a mobile phone.

4. Login into Twitter
Write your first Twitter message – or “tweet” as we like to call it. When you type your message in the Twitter box you will see the number to the top right of the box will decrease as you type. If you go over 140 characters this number will turn red. Sending a “tweet” is in someway similar to sending an SMS on your mobile phone. Just follow some basics when sending your tweets. Be friendly, informative and listen to others. Practice.. Practice.. Practice..

5. Find Friends that will follow you and that you follow back again
Twitter is social network, so it’s all about creating new friendship and also stay in touch with old friends. The simplest way to get someone to follow you is to provide them your Twitter profile – and ask them to follow you. And in return you will follow them. Sometimes it can be a good approach to do it the other way around, you start follow them, and then tell that you just followed them on Twitter and ask if they will follow you in return. There are several websites that will provide various techniques on how to grow your followers on Twitter. Just make sure that if they tell you how to get 1000, 10000 or 100 followers that you check out that actually have that many followers themselves.

This is some good basic steps to get you started on day 1. Browse around on Twitter, and you will also find great info there. For me a new beginning is to start it out slowly and make sure you learn all the basics first. This time I want to make sure I cover all details and learn them from scratch. We all have done our mistakes trying to rush into something and believe that we can achieve something we were not prepared for at all. We have to make ourselves accountable for our own actions. Media will assure that we will hold President Obama accountable after his first 100 days. But who will hold you and me accountable?

Come Tweet with me at:



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1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW is President Obama’s new home address. President Obama brings hope and openness together with a new beginning into his new home. He will be a work at home dad. He will make sure that he greets his daughters Malia and Sasha when they come home from school. I wonder if President Obama has a Presidential PJ he will be working in?

Will we also be able to work at home this year?

It has been interesting noticing how many positive emails, sms, direct messages, notes and comments I have received the last couple of days. Change is about to arrive to all of us one small step at the time. Don’t worry or rush yet, I have not either ordered my PJ yet.

First step will be to get involved in President Obama’s volunteer program. Have you volunteered or contributed to your community yet? Dough I have not seen any official President Obama volunteer programs yet. Maybe it’s an idea to launch this if it not already exists. If so then please post a comment with the official link.

You can also follow @BarackObama on Twitter.

President Obama has shown that it is possible for everyone to make a new beginning for himself or herself. I am most definitive planning to follow up, and make a new beginning for myself.

I am not sure if I will be able to work at home in 2009. But I will not let that stop me from trying, and do my part for change...

Where will I start?

2009 will be the year where Social Media will bring us all to a new dimension. So I will use it to build up new knowledge and a new platform for myself.

1. Twitter
2. Facebook
3. Blog


The Two Ps in Blogging

Posted by Are Morch - | 11:18 AM

I am learning the two Ps in Blogging; Patience and Persistence!

Tweets O Hoy President Barack Obama inauguration and Mary J Blige is just making me chill and not worrying about nothing today.

This is the day for hope and new beginnings. A new era is about to start. Together we will make history. President Obama can’t do it alone. He needs our help.

Today, either you are at one of the inauguration parties or have your own inauguration party; today is a day for celebration.

I am changing my perceptions and future one blog article at the time. With Patience and Persistence I will create a new beginning. I never have been as hopeful as today. I face different challenges then President Barack Obama but I am ready to face my challenges and I will prove that I can create a new beginning for my self.

I am not a professional blogger, I am not a celebrity, I don’t make millions of dollars, but I am ready for change not only for the United States, but for myself too.

Yes We Can! You can make change together with me at;

1. Twitter
2. Facebook
3. Blog


Social Media… A Love Story…

Posted by Are Morch - | 12:27 PM

Social Media Love is just two clicks away.

We love to chat and share our thoughts on various kinds of Social Media these days. My personal Social Media favorites are Twitter, Facebook and blogging.

I started up I guess a little before BBS (Bulletin Board System), but then it was more PC-to-PC. Not in any kind of network.

One of the first instant messaging system I was introduced to was one that was called ICQ. This was the one I preferred to use at the time. And through this IM I was introduced to a wonderful woman that now is my wife. Everyone that I meet seem to think she must have fallen in love with my wonderful accent (..tehe..). But we were chatting for ½ year before we did meet and really talked. I was most definitive not the first or last one that felled in love through social media.

Today I’m in love with Social Media. 2009 will be the year social media moves to the Twi(tter)light zone. It is not fantasy, science fiction or horrow. But it will most defintive take an enexpected twist. Are you ready for the Twi(tter)light zone?

How can we bring the same passion we have finding true love into making an impact through Social Media?

- Which social media do you find most effective?
- How do you find more friends and followers?
- Do you want other bloggers to contribute on your blog?

In 2009 we will bring up our Social Media Ratio together. I have my personal favorites that I visit on a daily basis. There is not limit to how many Social Media channels you should be involved in. For my purpose at the moment I find it useful to limit myself, and not grasp over too much.

Today I find Twitter and Facebook as the most effective Social Media.

Facebook I found out is complementary to Twitter. And here I find a lot of friends and followers.

The most challenging step for all newbies myself included is to get friends or other bloggers to contribute on your blog. I guess in a way I can define myself as compulsive blogger that search for a niche that fits me and that others will find interesting enough to participate in. In 2009 we will find the Social Media key. I will search for the Social Media key in three steps:

1. Where have I been, and what have I done so far with my Social Media love?
2. Where am I today with my Social Media love?
3. Where do I want to be with my Social Media love?

My Social Media love links;

My blog.

So Social Media lover’s I invite you to share your Social Media Love with me here. Let’s find the Social Media key together in 2009.


Are you a Twitter junkie?

Posted by Are Morch - | 1:53 PM

Twitter is a great tool to help your blog grow. But beware not become a Twitter junkie.

Twitter is a free social network and micro-blogging service. You can post up to 140 characters per post (or tweet as it is called). It works almost like SMS on your phone. Where you can send instant text messages to your friends.

You can follow your friends and they can follow you on Twitter.

This is the very basic of Twitter.

Twitter works in many way similar to SMS, where you can stay in touch with your friends or network to check out what is going on.

Twitter has also become a joint venture network where you can connect and find new friends and supporters that can help you build your Internet business.

Tweetin Rules

First rule is to listen and learn.
Second rule don’t ask ‘What’s In It For Me?’, but ask ‘How Can I Help?’
Third rule don’t SPAM!
Fourth rule start tweetin.
Fifth rule say hi to new followers (remember don’t spam!).
Sixth rule retweet interesting tweets from your followers, or people you follow.
Seventh rule ask for help or advice when you are stuck.
Eight rule pick up valuable Twitter lessons
Ninth rule manage your tweet time
Tenth rule don’t become a twitter junkie. It’s ok to take a Tweetin Break!


Twitter API failure

Posted by Are Morch - | 11:01 AM

Twitter is witnessing a major API failure at the moment. This error cause you to only see your own tweets. So felt like Jim Carrey in Me, Myself and Irene. Only having a conversation with myself here at Twitter.

Guess it a good time to take a break then...

Visit me at:


The Twitter bird will be up and singing again hopefully.


Many of us got lured into the phishing attack that was coming through Twitter this weekend. Twitter has now shutdown the suspicious account that seems to be in charge of these attacks. For the most part it seems like these attacks came through Direct Messaging (DMs). So the best advice at the moment is to be aware of open any links that you receive through DMs.

If you opened your DM link and logged into your account, then you need to reset your twitter password.

For more tips on Twitter make sure you visit Darren Rowse's excellent TwiTip. I sent Darren a request for a Twitter Beware article.

How are you doing with your president-elect Barack Obama smoking challenge?

Friends, 2009 will be a kick-ass (can I say that?) year. And with new beginnings comes new challenges. End the smoking habit is quiet a challenging one. I have done well so far. Had just 1 yesterday, and none so far today. I try to come up with creative activities to do when I feel the addiction kicks in.

1. Join this challenge together with me at Twitter
2. Go to Qwitter
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New challenges…

Working on a project helping expand our network at Facebook, Twitter and my blog.


Hey.. Did you know that president-elect Barack Obama and me have something in common?

We both smoke!

And we both want to do something about this habit. Of course many wants to give us all kind of advices on how to end this habit.

I know for sure that is not easy to stop this habit. But this will be one of my main challenges for 2009. Too end my smoking habit. I don’t like to say I will quit. Because I tried that several times, and it has not worked.

Instead I will start something new! A new beginning for me will be to end my smoking habit.

With the help from friends in same boat as me we will make this happen in 2009.

Are you up for the president-elect Barack Obama smoking challenge?

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