Are you a Twitter junkie?

Posted by Are Morch - | 1:53 PM

Twitter is a great tool to help your blog grow. But beware not become a Twitter junkie.

Twitter is a free social network and micro-blogging service. You can post up to 140 characters per post (or tweet as it is called). It works almost like SMS on your phone. Where you can send instant text messages to your friends.

You can follow your friends and they can follow you on Twitter.

This is the very basic of Twitter.

Twitter works in many way similar to SMS, where you can stay in touch with your friends or network to check out what is going on.

Twitter has also become a joint venture network where you can connect and find new friends and supporters that can help you build your Internet business.

Tweetin Rules

First rule is to listen and learn.
Second rule don’t ask ‘What’s In It For Me?’, but ask ‘How Can I Help?’
Third rule don’t SPAM!
Fourth rule start tweetin.
Fifth rule say hi to new followers (remember don’t spam!).
Sixth rule retweet interesting tweets from your followers, or people you follow.
Seventh rule ask for help or advice when you are stuck.
Eight rule pick up valuable Twitter lessons
Ninth rule manage your tweet time
Tenth rule don’t become a twitter junkie. It’s ok to take a Tweetin Break!