The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is my favorite one in this trilogy. But friends there is no fast or furious way to start a new beginning and tweet like a pro. It will take persistence and patience, and believing that you can achieve the goal of tweet like a pro by doing what it takes.

Tweedy steps for day 2:

6. Say Hi to your Followers
You will get notified at the email you signed up with when you have a new follower. Twitter allows you to send a Direct Message to your followers. So I recommend sending a welcome note to your new followers. Personally I want recommend to put in any link on your welcome note. I rarely click on these links, unless I have requested it. It’s accepted and highly recommended to rather put your links in your tweets. Direct Messages is a communications between you and me. Tweets reach out to all of your followers.

7. Organize your Tweets
As you Twitter community start growing, it gets harder to stay in touch with everyone. And it is also hard to follow all the Tweets that you get. I did start out organize my tweets with these three steps;
a. Sign up for Gmail by Google.Gmail is great when you set up your auto replies in next step.
b. Sign up for Tweetlater. This is a great tool to help schedule your tweets. And also to set up welcome notes on auto pilot. I use this for my welcome notes. Works great.
c. Sign up for Tweetdeck. This is a really great platform for organizing and sending your tweets. It let you organized tweets in groups and you add helpful tweets into favorites. One tip here is also to follow @tweetdeck on Twitter.

8. Reply and Retweet
When you see a tweet that you think your followers can benefit from then either reply or retweet this tweet. With reply or retweet all of your followers will get notified when you see a tweet you like or comment on. It will take a little while before you get your first retweet. In the start you will more then likely get some replies. Don’t be discouraged your first retweet will eventually come.

9. Finding more followers
Building your Twitter community one step at the time don’t need to be tricky. The big question is should you go for Quantity or Quality. Read this article to learn what is the best approach here - Twitter Followers: Quantity or Quality?. Two great places to start out finding new followers is;
a. Facebook - here you can do a search on Twitter groups. There you will find several "Follow Me – Follow You" groups.
b. Twellow - here you can find people that has interest in the same category as you, or look for people in your neighborhood that use Twitter.

10. Get the Twitter toolbar
Learning from some of the best is always a great approach. Dan Hollings has created one of the most comprehensive Twitter tools - My Twitter Toolbar. And I also recommend here to follow @dhollings on Twitter.

Don’t strive for perfect go for good enough!

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