Happy New Year

Posted by Are Morch - | 1:12 PM

In 2009 I’ll work with these three main options to start a new beginning:

1. Twitter
2. Facebook
3. Blog

I might find more options that will be a great addition later on. But don’t want to start out with grasping over more then I can handle.. tehe.

At the moment these works good, and will do great for our purpose. We will work on our goals/challenges together in 2009.

Now I am ready to celebrate the end of 2008, and welcome 2009.

A Happy and prosperous New Year to all of you!


Soon it is the end of this year. But remember it also soon is the beginning of a NEW year!

If you have kids and been out traveling then you more then likely are familiar with the phrase ‘Are We There Yet?’. The kids feels you can’t get there fast enough, and you are more then likely tired of hearing this question for the 100th time.

But friends it is no reason to rush it. No matter how fast we want it to come, it will come in time. We just have to be a little patient. Just for us as for the kids it is not easy.

When you travel you find creative ways to keep the kids active during a long trip. We have to do the same, and find creative activities to help all of us move in the same direction.

Do you have your game plan ready?

We all want to get there fast, and we want someone else to bring us there. This mentality needs to stop! There is no reason that we should not take simple steps to help ourselves on the way.

My recommendations are to follow some of Dave Ramsey’s steps that he suggests in the Financial Peace University Course. If you want some real hard change in your life, just do what he tells. Trust me it’s hard to face the reality (it always is!!) and Dave tells you as it is.

We will with Twitter, Facebook and my blog here start our New beginning.

You and I will write a new chapter in our personal book together. We phase challenges together, and get through the bumps on the road together. Friends make sure you either share your tweets with me at Twitter or your thoughts with me at Facebook.


Two-in, Two-out

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In firefighting the policy of two-in, two-out mandates that firefighters never go into a dangerous situation in a fire or rescue incident alone. There should always be (at least) two firefighters together when they enter a location and one of them cannot come out of the situation or building unless both do.

The policy also refers to a safety system to protect firefighters, where two or more firefighters enter a building and at least two more remain outside, ready to help in case of emergency.

This is a system that we need to adapt an create our own unique buddy system that will force banks, mortgage lenders, creditors and decision makers not only listen to us but act properly together with us.

I follow people at Twitter. They share valuable information with me that I use and put my twist too. I invite you to my Twitterville community, and start share your thoughts. Let’s make a difference for 2009.


Today I profile one that I follow and that gives me a lot on awesome insight on how to work your blog. I am just try out my humble small steps at the moment. In no rush at all. Take your time to add Darren Rowse to your Twitterville community. You will not regret it. Also visit his very informative web site Problogger.


Posting some pictures from my wife’s home design portfolio.


Putting together a plan..

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“There are 10^11 stars in the galaxy. That used to be a huge number. But it’s only a hundred billon. It’s less than the national deficit! We used to call them astronomical numbers. Now we should call them economical numbers.”
~ Richard Feynman ~

We learned recently that part of the car industry here in the United States got a ‘temporary loan’. The amount was 17.4 billion dollars. General Motors and Chrysler seems to be the ones that needed it most for the moment.

These Auto Makers has until March 31st 2009 to come up with a plan how to turn things around. Else they will have to repay the loans.

We can agree or disagree about the loans to these automakers. Personally I think it is steps in the right direction to try save some important jobs here in United States. Again I will say this is not the time to point fingers. I’m sure everyone in the Auto Industry will do the very best to find solutions that will work for all parts.

I also noticed that Feds approved a number of regulations to protect credit card customers. Many of us consume has done a lot of mistakes, and excessive credit card use is up there among the top mistakes for many.

Basically all of us are in debt one way or another. Debt - something owed, such as money, goods, or services.

We need to find new and creative ways to get out of debt together. Together we will build a debt elimination plan.

It’s you and me that need to seek to understand what brought us into this situation, and how to find new creative ways to help solve our problems.

I am not sure if the politicians start in the right end. I am not sure if I will start in the right end. I am not sure if the Auto Industry will start in the right end. But we have to do our share to build consumer confidence again. We will bring back the American Dream again. Let’s get out off the American Nightmare together!

Come and tweet with me at http://twitter.com/ecomind


Let's play a Win-Win game!

Posted by Are Morch - | 11:09 AM

Group-dynamics win-win games emphasize the importance of cooperation, fun, sharing, caring and over-all group success in contrast to domination, egotistic behaviour and personal gain. All participants are treated as equally important and valuable. Win-win games often also carry an ethical message of caring for the environment and a group approach to life and society. Win-win games are a powerful tool to give people self-confidence and a 'we' experience, especially when we are going through rough times.

It’s time we get banks, mortgage lenders and decision makers to work with us. All of us have done our share of mistakes.

How can we work it out together that will create a win-win situation for all parts?

It’s time for unprecedented actions and decisions! 2009 need to be the year where we as consumers will make history together with businesses that want to be part of this Win-Win game.

Together we can make history and create hope for the future. There is no time to lose! We can’t keep on playing the Waiting Game. This game is just not working, and we see participants here going in all kind of different directions without having you and me in their best interest.

“An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today” – Laurence J. Peter

Now you and me need to set the rules for the Win-Win game. But remember it has to be a game where both parts win. Else we want get banks; mortgage lenders, businesses or decision makers to work with us. I strongly believe many are willing to try something new that can bring hope for the future. Businesses need faith in consumers again, but we also need faith in the businesses. Bail-outs might help some businesses for a short time, but without consumer confidence it want take a long time before we are back in the same pit hole again.

Unemployment numbers is soon at record high and there is not much good news to find on the various news channels. This we can change together. If we stand together we can get both businesses and ourselves back on track again. We need to find the proper solutions together.

Why not try something different?

The Win-Win game is started. It’s time for all of us to take this challenge. Are you up for it?

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I’m today presenting one of my followers in my Twitterville community. Make sure you visit and add Mark Ayers to your Twitterville community - http://twitter.com/Mark_Ayers

Mark is a business coach with almost 400 followers in his Twitterville community. I truly enjoy his comments and insight. Make sure you also visit his blog at http://www.markayers.us/


Twitterville is growing

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One of the 7 Habits of highly effective people is to ‘Begin With The End In Mind”.

Well I want to make a twist to this habit to start our new trend – ‘Begin With A New Start In Mind’. Our snowball has already dropped outside the cliff into a deep mud hole. This is not the time to start trying to figure out how to push the snowball out of the mud.

We need to start push the snowball from a new and fresh point and in a total different direction. This time we need to help out each other, and make sure we bring with us those that falls behind.

Another habit from 7 Habits of highly effective people is to ‘Put First Thing First”. This habit is something that I really think we all need to adapt.

My only challenge and question to you all is – What thing should I put first that will bring you and me in a new and better direction?

My personal Twitterville community keeps growing. And so do my followers there. One thing I am looking into is to put a short profile on my blog on followers in my community. This helps both their and my community grow.

If you want to be part of this new start and growth for our Twitterville community then Follow Me at http://twitter.com/ecomind, and I will Follow You.


Fed Cuts Rate

Posted by Are Morch - | 12:27 PM

Fed did announce today that they are setting the target range for the rate between zero and 0.25%. The rate stood at 1% previously.

How much this will effect loans you and me as consumers already have I am not sure about yet. But I consider this as good news. We most definitive should start look into existing mortgage rates that we have.

One crucial point for me is that I want point fingers at any one. It is as much my own fault that I have not taken better care of some of my loans, or took some active steps before to put myself in a better position. Being proactive is one of the main changes we need to work on together so we don’t fall back in the same pit hole again.

Today I really want to take contact with my mortgage lenders and banks to find out how can I put myself in better position to handle my debt. We have to find a way to create a win-win for both parts. As I see it, it must be in the mortgage lenders and banks best interest that you and me as consumers can handle our loans and at the same time can start consume our money again.

I don’t like the word bailout, so I am not going to use it. We have to find a model that will work and that will kick off a positive chain reaction. Most important both parts have to learn from previous mistakes. Mortgage lenders and banks have to be accountable for their mistakes, and the same goes for you and me. If we don’t learn then we will find ourselves back in the same position if not even worse very fast.

Why not share some good news on how you found solutions with your mortgage lenders and banks?

This is not the time for any of us to be stubborn and ride on old principals. Else we end up in with worst case scenarios where all parts end up bankrupt. Some might say we are already there.

But I strongly believe we can change this together. The Fed has shown today that it is willing to stretch pretty far. Now it is our turn to do something about this. If no one takes advantage of using these incentives then it will take a long time to stop this economic tsunami.

I want to build my faith and hope for the mortgage lenders and banks again. But I will also then expect them to do it for me. Like said we together have to work out a win-win situation for all parts.

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New Times – New Hopes – New Goals

Posted by Are Morch - | 1:58 PM

Everyone is affected of the economic tsunami in one-way or another.

We see more people in the food line at Salvation Army. People shop more at thrift stores. All of us try too stretch every dollar as much as possible. The so-called experts are puzzled about what’s happening. And we have not seen the bottom yet. With political and financial scandals topping the news we wonder where this will end.

But should we give up and allow recession and what might come up next continue to be the top news. My simple answer is – NO!

It’s time for us to pass on some good news. We will together create a New Time with New Hopes and achievable New Goals for the future. 2009 will be the year you and me will make difference. Its time for us to step up and make positive things happens.

What’s your good news?

Start passing on some good news. You can do the Follow Me Follow You here at my blog, or follow me at http://twitter.com/ecomind. Together will pass on some good news that will encourage all of us.

My good news is that after a lot of hard work and a lot of determination my contract with the government went through, and I just got news that my pre-screening process for security clearance went through. I am already registered as self employed and ready to work for the US Government in 2009. For me that is really encouraging and motivating. That’s why my goal for 2009 will be to save for my Black Harley Davidson Tri Glade, and I will be able to pay cash for it!


The Twitter Experiment-Get Involved

Posted by Are Morch - | 12:10 PM

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”

~ Andy Warhole ~

Sean McAlister has started a unique experiment at Facebook.

"The Twitter Experiment-Get Involved" - http://tinyurl.com/5c4yej

Here 300 – 600 people join every day to take part of this unique experiment. This will truly make an impact where you and me can be a part of a movement.

For us that are both new to blogging and social network this a great way to get involved, and learn more on how we can change or take action. I see an increase in people reading my humble attempt to make a difference. I don’t need a Bailout – just an honest TurnOut from friends all over the world that want to make a difference.

In this world of change we all need to learn a new way of living. How can you and me change our culture so that hope not is just something we pass on to next generation, but something you and me will have for ‘tomorrow’?.


Simple Steps For EcoMinders…

Posted by Are Morch - | 12:08 PM

Changing the world doesn’t need to be hard! For you and me it’s all about taking some simple steps. But we have to be willing to change and make changes in our life. Political changes will take time and can be hard and difficult. Why not be proactive and kick starts some of the changes?

What is an EcoMinder? We will define it as someone taking action, using or promoting goods or services that are considered to conflict minimal harm to the environment.

Becoming EcoMinded is something that really concerns us all. We need to rethink how we use various goods and services. One of the biggest challenges for us is that we truly need to change our culture. Greed, envy, selfishness and jealousy belong to history. Hope, faith and creativity belong to the future.

We will together create a social time capsule that future generations can unlock and learn from. Baby steps from you and me are all it takes. What steps are you taking?

Share it with us and we will together make difference. Join me in this unique action today!..

You can do the Follow Me Follow You part here on my blog plus also at my Tweet at http://twitter.com/ecomind


Follow Me Follow You

Posted by Are Morch - | 11:38 AM

Neil Armstrong said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

The first step small step we need to take so we now that we are not alone about this are to create a ‘Follow Me Follow You’ for our blog. If you follow my blog I will follow your blog. And you do the same to everyone that follows your blog. This experiment has been done with great success on social networks, now we need to adapt the same to blog’s.


EcoMind - Do You Mind? I Do!

Posted by Are Morch - | 1:11 PM

2008 is soon over. This year has learned us how vulnerable we all are. We all are struggling in economic tsunami. The Unites States is now officially in a recession. And the global challenges are bigger then ever. And it is still going downhill.

The snowball has run over the hill and is now sinking in the mud. Pushing it up want do it because the hill is just to steep.

Can we change this process? The politicians are trying to their part with bailouts and other incentives to wheel start turn around again. But should you and me just sit on the fence and wait until the sun will shine again?

I have no idea whose fault this is, but pointing fingers and blaming everyone want do it much better.

You and me have to do our part to prevent the tsunami from doing more damage. The so-called experts say it will be worse before it start become better. How much worse should you and me allow it to be? The political process is depending on bureaucratic systems to work. And we needed the help yesterday…

Businesses cuts jobs - businesses go bankrupt - we can’t get no credit anymore – homes goes to foreclosure – bills just keeps piling up and the list goes on and on.

What can you and me do to change this process? The election for the 44th president of United States showed us some unique processes that we need to build on. It does not matter which candidate you voted for, or if you agree or disagree with the candidate. The social networks played a big and unique part of the process.

We now need to continue building on that process to turn the global tsunami around. And make sure we are prepared to meet the new challenges that face us. We have to learn from this and the best way is to share our experience and write a unique social network book that will use by future generations. You and me will be the authors. I called the book – EcoMind – Do You Mind? – I Do!

2009 will be the year change comes to us. We need to start out change our culture! Greed, envy, selfishness and jealousy are some of the factors that brought us in this mess. We have to find new and creative ways to bring food on the table. And the big challenge for us is that we need to do this with future generations in mind. We need to save our planet from a tsunami a hole lot bigger then the economic tsunami we experience now. All of us need a wake up call. It’s time to stop this madness, and the change starts with you and me.

Lets develop the world’s most exclusive book together, and let us all is together in a unique new trend that future generations will benefit from. The journey will soon start! Buckle up and be ready to make an impact for not only yourself but for the world and future generations to come. Can we change the world? – Yes We Can!