Social Media… A Love Story…

Posted by Are Morch - | 12:27 PM

Social Media Love is just two clicks away.

We love to chat and share our thoughts on various kinds of Social Media these days. My personal Social Media favorites are Twitter, Facebook and blogging.

I started up I guess a little before BBS (Bulletin Board System), but then it was more PC-to-PC. Not in any kind of network.

One of the first instant messaging system I was introduced to was one that was called ICQ. This was the one I preferred to use at the time. And through this IM I was introduced to a wonderful woman that now is my wife. Everyone that I meet seem to think she must have fallen in love with my wonderful accent (..tehe..). But we were chatting for ½ year before we did meet and really talked. I was most definitive not the first or last one that felled in love through social media.

Today I’m in love with Social Media. 2009 will be the year social media moves to the Twi(tter)light zone. It is not fantasy, science fiction or horrow. But it will most defintive take an enexpected twist. Are you ready for the Twi(tter)light zone?

How can we bring the same passion we have finding true love into making an impact through Social Media?

- Which social media do you find most effective?
- How do you find more friends and followers?
- Do you want other bloggers to contribute on your blog?

In 2009 we will bring up our Social Media Ratio together. I have my personal favorites that I visit on a daily basis. There is not limit to how many Social Media channels you should be involved in. For my purpose at the moment I find it useful to limit myself, and not grasp over too much.

Today I find Twitter and Facebook as the most effective Social Media.

Facebook I found out is complementary to Twitter. And here I find a lot of friends and followers.

The most challenging step for all newbies myself included is to get friends or other bloggers to contribute on your blog. I guess in a way I can define myself as compulsive blogger that search for a niche that fits me and that others will find interesting enough to participate in. In 2009 we will find the Social Media key. I will search for the Social Media key in three steps:

1. Where have I been, and what have I done so far with my Social Media love?
2. Where am I today with my Social Media love?
3. Where do I want to be with my Social Media love?

My Social Media love links;

My blog.

So Social Media lover’s I invite you to share your Social Media Love with me here. Let’s find the Social Media key together in 2009.