We have already established that Twitter is a two-way communication Social Media Network.

Now you want to start tap into the power of utilizing the two-way communications options Twitter allows you to use.

The Twitter @ replies is one of the best way to start two-way communications on Twitter.

When you send an @ replies this message will go directly to the @ reply box of the user you sent it too. But the real power of the @ replies is that all your followers will see this message.

You can also send an @ replies to peeps that don’t follow you.

Of course with these kind of powerful option with @ replies it is a chance for abusing this.

Some simple @ replies rules;

Don’t use @ replies to spam people

If you send me tweets like @username please check out this link – this will usually turn me off. And I will then check more of your tweets out and see if this is a pattern, if so I will unfollow and block you. Note: @ replies from people that are blocked will NOT show up in your timeline. So if someone spams you then;
a) report them to the Twitter @spam team
b) unfollow them
c) block them

Make @ replies beneficial for all your followers

Remember that when you the @ replies it not only goes to the user you directed the @ reply too, but to all of your followers. Therefore put some thoughts into it, and make sure that everyone in some way can understand it.

Add power to @ replies

Send @ replies to a group of your followers. #followfriday is an excellent example of how to send @ replies to a group. Your tweets can look something like this:

#followfriday I endorse @username1, @username2, @username3

This tweet will go directly to the @ replies box of the user I have mentioned, plus to all my followers.

Now the real power starts kick in when @username1 start retweet this tweet to all his/hers followers, and @username2 and @username3 start doing the same.

Follow up on @ replies

If someone sends or mention you in an @ replies, make sure you send them Thank You note in an @ replies. If they have a question, comment or provided some information that you can benefit from make sure to follow up. And give qualified feedback to the @ replies.

What are @ replies and mentions?

What are @replies and mentions?

How to change your reply settings

Replies Are Now Mentions

Twitter Replies Morph Into “Mentions”

How to Use @Reply in Twitter Messages

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Useful @ replies tools

Tweet Replies - Get notified when someone @replies you!

Twickie - It's the Easiest Way to Archive a Twitter Response Thread!

Send you @ replies to an RSS reader

Start going Twitter Search

Type in you Twitter @username (remember to put the @ in front of username)and then click on search.

Click on link on right side that says Feed for this query

And select the RSS service you want to use for this feed.

You will now receive replies into your RSS feed service.

@ replies Tip

1. Check out how your Twitter influence is per date:

Twitter Grader


Twitter Analyzer

2. Start out doing between 1 - 10 @ replies to single users that is among your followers per day.

And do between 1 - 5 @ replies to a group of your followers per week.

3. After one week go back and check how this has effected your Twitter influence.

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Twitter is a Social Network service where we focus on building online communities with people who share the same interest and/or activities, or who are interested in the interest and activities of others.

You want to communicate your message to one or more people on Twitter. To communicate your message on Twitter you need get followers. When you first sign up with Twitter, you will have 0 people that you follow and 0 people that follows you. So if you send out a message at this time, you basically are talking to yourself.

So to start with, you want to find someone that you can follow. Then you will start receive their message and get an idea of how it works. But if you only are following them, and no one follow you back besides seeing their messages you still are just communicating with yourself.

We will here share with you some techniques you can use to build a quality followers base for your Twitter account.

What is following?

What is following?

Twitter following – How To

How to Get Twitter Followers

How to Get More Twitter Followers: Some Methods That Work

How to find the right followers on Twitter

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Great tools to manage your Twitter Followers

Tweetdeck - is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more

feedalizr - Twitter, Facebook Adobe® AIR™ Application (also supports FriendFeed, Flickr, Twitpic)

Twhirl - is a desktop client for social software such as Twitter, Friendfeed, identi.ca, or seesmic

EasyTweets (Pro) - Take Complete Control of Twitter..
.. Or Take Your Money Back

Twitterrific (for iPhone) - is a fun application that lets you both read and publish posts or "tweets" to the Twitter community website

Tweetie (for iPhone)

TwitterBerry (for Blackberry)

Here you find all the clients Twitter recommends

Tools for effective Twitter Following/Unfollowing

10 Twitter tool to effectively manage your followers

14 Twitter directories to find new friends

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Twellow - Twitter Directory, Twitter Search, & Twitter Yellow Pages

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Turn your followers into quality followers

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Nifty tools to control you follower base

MrTweet – Here will new quality followers be recommended

#followfriday - The Simple #followfriday Guide

DoesFollow – Find out who follow whom on Twitter

Who2Twitter – Find Out Who 2 Twitter

FlashTweet – A Twitter App For Followaholics

TweetLater (Pro) – Tools to Boost your productivity on Twitter

FriendOrFollow – Who’s not following you back? Who aren’t you following?

Huitter – allows you to bulk unfollow people not following you on Twitter

MyCleenr – the best way to clean your Twitter contact list

Top Twitter Friends

twitTangle – untangle the mess of too many friends

twitterratio – What is your Twitter ratio?

Twitter Grader – Get your Twitter ranking

Twitterel - Find Twitter Users with Related Interest

UnTweeps – Unfollow Tweeps who has not posted Tweets recently

Topify - Power Twitter Email Notification

Your Twitter Karma

Find Quality Followers on various Social Networks

I also use other Social Networks I participate in to find new followers for Twitter. This has been very effective, and I found some really quality followers there.

FaceBook Groups

My little Secret Tip: Setting yourself up for finding quality followers from top blog posts

Many of my followers and people I follow on Twitter daily share some high quality blog posts within my niche. Twitter authorities often write these posts. The trick here is to get in early on these posts, and make your comments there. Most top blogs today allows you to put in a link to your blog/website and most important they allow you to put your Twitter link there. If the blog don’t allow a Twitter link, then make sure you have your Twitter link visible on your blog/website.

After you have posted your comments that include your blog/website link plus your Twitter link you now want to do two things:

1. Put a link to this article on your website/blog
2. Tweet the link to the original blog where you made your comment

I recommend doing this at least on 5 various blogs per day. Then when you have done that you put your own blog/website into effect. And if you have an article ready now is the time to post it. Then you tweet the link to your article.

First you created a track back to the original blog post, and then you followed up with providing some traffic back to the blog.

#Bonus tip

Participate in informative webinars that talks about Twitter. Many of these webinars allows you to post your Twitter link. Here you will find some real quality followers.

I highly recommend Twittalk.tv

NOTE: Set your followers goal: I will get x followers within 3 months using The Simple Followers Guide.

Set a realistic goal, unless you are a celebrity don't set a goal higher then 1000. You are not prepared for handling any higher amount of followers yet.

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# - the hash tag sign has become a great way to organize certain subjects, themes or groups on Twitter.

You can use the #hashtags to identify what kind of information you want your followers or potential followers to review. With the #hashtags you allow Twitter search to identify one word that followers or potential followers can use to follow the discussion related to this word.

Experiment with #hashtags and see how this effect your Twitter influence.

I have put together some helpful articles that give useful insight on How to use #hashtags more efficient.

What is #hashtags

Hashtags introduction

How #hashtags started

Groups for Twitter; or A Proposal for Twitter Tag Channels

How to start Twitter #hashtags

How to start a Twitter hashtag

Tools for Monitoring Conversations on Twitter

#hashtags Trends


What the Hashtag?!

How to use #hashtags efficiently

Anatomy Of A Successful Tweet

Hashtag Happy Hours: How Moms Party Down on Twitter

Tweet Your Message to a Larger Audience with Hashtags

How to follow a group #hashtag discussion

1. Go to Tweetchat
2. Enter you Twitter name and password
3. Room to enter: {here you put in your #hashtags word}
4. Then you are in the Tweetbox for the actual #hashtag
5. Now you don’t have to put in the #hashtags, it will be automatic added to you tweet

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#followfriday has become one of the best ways to endorse your friends and followers.

Friday is one of the best days to pick up new quality followers.

I recommend that you start out with endorsing friends and followers that you believe to provide you with some of the best information on Twitter.

Don't sit and wait for others to endorse yo. The best approach is to start out give yourself, then you eventually will get back in abundance.

Every Friday if someone send me an @ reply or Retweet one of my tweets I then make sure to thank them, and also endorse them through #followfriday. This is a great way to give back to your friends and followers, and they will then reward you back.

I also endorse some that I follow that provide some great information, but they are not following me. Now I also start experience the same, that people who not follow me is starting to endorse me due to my participation and information that I share.

How #followfriday started

Follow Friday. Oh My!

How #followfriday works

How #followfriday and hastags work

FollowFriday On Twitter

Why #followfriday works

#FollowFriday: The Anatomy of a Twitter Trend

#FollowFriday - Where to find new friends and followers

Search #followfriday on Twitter


The Twitter Tag Project - Follow Friday

Nearby Tweets - Instantly find twitters nearby on #followfriday

#followfriday stats

#followfriday stats

#followfriday statistics. From Box UK

Top Follow Friday

twoppular - trend info: #followfriday

Twitscoop - #followfriday

NOTE: when you endorse your friends and followers by giving them a #followfriday make sure you do it in this format;

#followfriday @friendone, @friendtwo, @friendthree ...

When you endorse your friends and followers always make sure you put #followfriday in the start of the tweet. Many of the third party programs that runs statistics on #followfriday picks up this as the correct endorsement format.

Avoid using the following format;

#followfriday - @friendone - @friendtwo - @friendthree ...

Some of the third party statistic programs consider this format as unendorsements.

Retweets (tweets including RT or Retweet) are not included when calculating your endorsements.

Will I see you on #followfriday?

If you tweet or retweet this article, you will be endorsed on #followfriday ---->>>

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