Many of us got lured into the phishing attack that was coming through Twitter this weekend. Twitter has now shutdown the suspicious account that seems to be in charge of these attacks. For the most part it seems like these attacks came through Direct Messaging (DMs). So the best advice at the moment is to be aware of open any links that you receive through DMs.

If you opened your DM link and logged into your account, then you need to reset your twitter password.

For more tips on Twitter make sure you visit Darren Rowse's excellent TwiTip. I sent Darren a request for a Twitter Beware article.

How are you doing with your president-elect Barack Obama smoking challenge?

Friends, 2009 will be a kick-ass (can I say that?) year. And with new beginnings comes new challenges. End the smoking habit is quiet a challenging one. I have done well so far. Had just 1 yesterday, and none so far today. I try to come up with creative activities to do when I feel the addiction kicks in.

1. Join this challenge together with me at Twitter
2. Go to Qwitter
3. Follow @iquit at Twitter

New challenges…

Working on a project helping expand our network at Facebook, Twitter and my blog.