How To Tweet Like a Pro In 100 Days

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The Simple Retweet Guide

I have put together some helpful articles here that can kickstart your Retweetability factor.

How To Retweet

How to retweet

How to Retweet: A Simple Guide

Retweet Etiquette

Twitter: The Tweet About Retweet

Retweet Etiquette

Retweet: The Infectious Power Of Word Of Mouth

Please Retweet Me

Finding great Retweets

How To Find Great Links For Twitter That Get Retweeted Like Crazy

How To Find Twitter Twits to Retweet Your Tweet!

The Butterfly Effect

Retweet – The Formula

5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter

How to get ReTweeted – The Formula

The ReTweetability Index

The Science of ReTweets

It’s Not How Many Followers You Have That Counts, It’s How Many Times You Get Retweeted

Most popular Retweets




Retweet – The Result

Re-Tweets Comprise Two Percent of All Twitter Volume

Dawn of the Twitter effect

Retweet This

Here is a simple setup that allows you to add your own “Retweet This” to either your blog or website.

<a href=" behind Link">Retweet This</a>

Replace twitterusername with your twitter username.
Replace Text behind Link with your text that you want to appear in the Retweet.

NOTE: With Twitter you still only have 140 characters available. With a Retweet you allocate automatic 4 characters plus username and text. So make sure you don't exceed the 140 characters when you either set up a Retweet link, or write a Tweet that you hope will get a lot of retweets.

Retweet This

Did we learn another Tweet lesson or?

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Mass following and auto following is starting to be a Tweet dilemma.

This year I have experienced some Twitter Mass/auto follow programs that got a lot of Tweet buzz.

It started out with Tweetergetter - announcing to followers they could get up to 19,530 new followers in 30 days.

This program got a fast Tweet buzz and started a little wild fire, before someone catched up and started to announce this is just a spam – or a pyramid scam.

Then recently another program - Tweepme - here it was announced that the first 5000 members would receive a free lifetime subscriptions.

This was an opt-in group where all followed each other on Twitter.

Again a new wild fire was created on Twitter. Another Tweet buzz was started.

Big guys like @mashable and @stephenfry sent out tweets that stirred up my tweetbox – telling us that this program is missing the point of Twitter and not to fall for this.

Was recently reading an article that this could risk stirring up your follower’s base, and that I could put myself in the risk of getting suspended on Twitter.

Who should set the agenda for Twitter?

I highly respect some of the Twitter authorities, but should they set the agenda for what’s right and wrong on Twitter?

Yes, I can see the needs for setting some ground rules for Twitter. Hopefully it want get to a point where we will need some kind of approval for tweeting a link.

Of course we learn valuable lessons from the Twitter authorities, and they have earned their Twitter influence through hard work and providing us with great tweets.

What will be the best ways to set an agenda for Twitter?

Twitter is for me a true ‘People working for People’ network. And it’s all about asking ‘How Can I Help You?” The “What’s In It For Me?” days is over!

Maybe when Twitter find some ways of Monetizing there probably with be set some kind of ground rules.

In the mean time Twitter is still an open free social network where we all should be able to collaborate on various third party programs for Twitter.

I use Twitter to provide advice – information – opinions and share what I believe is valuable links that my followers can benefit from. And my followers provide similar info back to me. Then we participate with providing constructive critics to each other. All this within 140 characters.

We all want to learn How to Tweet Like a Pro without damage our Twitter reputation, but rather increase our Twitter influence and become a Twitter authority that our followers will keep referring back to.

My thoughts here are some of my reflections over Twitter – what are your thoughts about these subjects?

Does Twitter need some ground rules, and who should set out these rules?

Your Tweedycoach,

Are Morch

(Illustration credit hellvetica)

@Mike_Wesely: #QUOTE: "It Is very difficult to be able to tell successes from failures without making a mistake." ~~Anton P Chekhov

I was reading an article about How to lose Twitter followers in 10 steps.
We all lose focus sometimes, and end up doing things we whished we could undo. Twitter is LIVE, so when you do make a mistake it gets public. And some of your Twitter Followers will tell you.

Don’t freak out if this happens to you. But take it as a learning experience. And remember there are a difference between a Tweet spam and a Tweet mistake. If you keep repeating your mistakes they can end up being spams.

If you receive a ‘negative’ comment about one of your tweets – don’t get defensive about it. But save the original tweet together with the ‘negative’ comment as a document in one of your folders on your personal computer. Then you have taken some steps to learn from your mistakes.

Tip: Avoiding Tweet mistakes is hard, but you can limit your Tweet mistakes by finding some Twitter accountability partners.

How Can You Improve your Twitter Influence?

You have started to Tweet – you have got some followers – but you still feel like you are Tweeting to “me – myself – and whoever that guy in the mirror is”. You and me want to know when and how we will make a mark on Twitter.

Is it all about the Tweet or the Retweet?

A Tweet is basically a one-way communication. You send out your Tweet, and hope that someone reads it. It’s not before someone either send you a DM, gives a @reply or you get a retweet that you know for sure that your Tweet has become two-way communication.

Many articles that I read today that focus on the two-way communication process on Twitter talks about Retweets. Retweets is you create an effective snowball effect on Twitter, but it take time to earn a quality Retweet that will create a lot of buzz.

Here as some techniques you can start apply to eventually earn a Retweet; How To Find Twitter Twits To Retweet You Tweet!

One great way to encourage two-way communication is to start using @replies on Twitter. @reply is any Twitter update directed at someone else, designated by a prefix of '@username' before the message.

On your Twitter account I recommend setting @ Replies setting to “Show me @replies to the people I’m following”.

Then your replies;
- will display on your Twitter home page
- are viewable on public profiles and in message archives

@ Replies are a great way to show your Twitter community that you are there to participate. And it will start build your Twitter influence, and then eventually you will earn a Retweet from your followers.

Here are some tips to follow when your receive an @reply, and you also want to do this when you receive an Retweet;
1) Send a @reply to @username telling them Thank You for the @reply or the Retweet
2) Take it up a notch by recommend @username on #followfriday or through @MrTweet
3) If they have a blog or website go in there an leave a comment for their website/blog
4) If you have your own blog or website either mention their website, blog or Twitter @username in your article. Or put a link to their blog or website on your own blog or website

Can you get to many followers?

I have seen some fuzz in newspapers and in various articles about the amount of followers you should have. Of course some followers can be distractive and they clutter your Twitter community in various ways.

But to me that is all they are – distractions that you can turn off. Don’t feel to bad about it. I’m sure many already have turned me off too. Worked for the hospitality industry a period and there I learned that you can’t satisfy everyone no matter how hard you try. And you learned that you wanted the critique from your customers no matter how bad it was – at least you knew that they then gave you an opportunity to fix the problem.

But just because we got negative critique we did not shut down the business, or limited us to only accepting the loyal guests to check in.

Do your own Twitter reality check and ask what you want to achieve with Twitter. Don’t let others dictate what’s the best route to take. I’m pretty sure that the team behind @mashable that almost have 250000 followers, and @guykawasaki that has almost 90000 followers don’t know then all.

Don’t see them complain too much over it either, and I’m sure they receive a bunch of Tweets to them that someday make them jump.

“Failure is just a new opportunity to make it right…”

Your Tweedycoach,

Are Morch

Tap into Twitter Revolution

I finally got @WarrenWhitlock & @CoachDeb book - Twitter Revolution. I just have to say this is a brilliant resource of Twitter information.

@WarrenWhitlock asked me to share one tip I learned from this book. Wow - not an easy task since this book is loaded with information that you can apply to improve your Twitter experience. So I will share a couple of tips here;

1. Get the book - you want regret it

2. Define your Twitter Strategy and Goals
  • participate in conversations that are related to your interest -niche - blog - website - business

  • provide news that your followers will benefit from

  • give reviews/comments of books - articles - blogs - websites that you find helpful

  • constructive feedback to your followers is the best way to show that you care

  • great tips = great customer service = followers will come back to you for more tips

  • always share your resources

  • if you have idea - ask your followers what they think

How I reached 1000 followers in three months

I got a question from one of my followers asking how I reached 1000 followers in three months.

1. I did set a goal early on to reach 1000 followers within the date I had been on Twitter for three months. For me it's all about setting goals that I am confident that I can achieve. To me it was also important that I set a number that I knew I was able to handle. In the beginning it is important to learn how to measure the results of your efforts. So don't try to get 1000's of followers if you don't know how to handle that amount of followers.

One tip here if you have a blog or website - use Google Analytics - this tool is just amazing - and the best part of it -> it's free

2. Following my Twitter Strategy and Goals has been important both to get new followers and keep them referring back to me

3. Connecting through other social networks - Facebook - here you can do a search on Twitter groups, most of them allows you to post your Twitter handle after you followed the first one on the list, usually I follow more then one here unless I already follow them

TIP: check out my Twitter group on Facebook - Twitter Coaching in Three Steps

LinkedIn - here you can also do a search for Twitter groups - many business professionals uses LinkedIn

4. I promote my Twitter handle through my blog and every time I comment on someones blog that allows me to post my Twitter handle I do so. One tip here is to write the comment on the blog article you are reading first, then Tweet the link to the blog

5. I participate in many live Webinars - this is a great way to get new followers - Mike_Wesely host Twit Talk TV - great guy to follow and here you also find a lot of great new followers

These are some of the basics I followed to achieve 1000 followers in three months. You will also lose some followers on your way - don't freak out because of that - that is just the nature of the beast.

This approach has made it easier for me to define my Twitter strategy. You will learn that the way you follow new people, and also get new followers yourself will change dramatic over time.

Twitter and Direct Messaging(DM)

Unfortunately we still experience too many that don't use Direct Messaging the right way. This has caused some to consider DM's as spam. DMs is actually a great tool for more professional communication. But we experience way to many that send some link with 'check out this' note. If I don't know you from before and this is your first DM to me, I will NOT check it out.

If you take the time to build up a Twitter relationship with me chances are that I will over time stop by and check out your link. If you keep up trying to DM me links without building a relationship first then I first opt to disallow DM's from your Twitter account, and then if you try other ways to send me links I will opt to block your Twitter account.

The Twitter Dilemma: "The good thing about Twitter is that it still is a free service - The bad thing about Twitter is that it still is a free service"

With the growth Twitter experience it's hard to tell what direction it will take, but for the majority of us that enjoy this service we have to take steps to stop this trend and also to avoid spammers from setting the rules for the future of Twitter.

Most of you that have sent me a link on your first DM I don't believe are spammers. More then likely nobody have told you this. I have done my share of mistakes on Twitter, and more then likely I will still do some more mistakes. But it is when I start repeat my mistakes over and over again I will get myself in trouble. I also recommend you read this article - Time To Take a Stand - Yes, We're Ending the DM's

TweedyCoach Tip

Your Twitter Karma is one of the best tools to navigate and keep track of your followers and who you follows.

Tell me what you want to learn about Twitter

I keep getting some questions through my Twitter account @ecomind - a big thank you to all of you for your participation and great questions! Together we can make a difference, and we will start a new beginning together.

A special thanks today goes to @therevcoach - for great participation.

Keep sending me your questions or comments.

Your Twitter friend,

Are Morch
The TweedyCoach

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Is Twitter so easy that even a Caveman could use it?

Twitter is addictive - and everyone is getting into the TwitterZone. Everyone is catching on to this addiction - presidents, news anchors, celebrities, businesses, politicians, comedians, entrepreneurs, churches, schools, grandmothers, grandfathers, dads, moms, students, kids, and even some animals has their own tweets - you name it and they are on Twitter.

Why this fascination for Twitter?

We need to think like a Caveman to find some of the answer to this question.

Here are some basic Caveman needs;

1. Biological and Physiological needs - air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep, etc

2. Safety needs - protection from elements, security, order, law, limits, stability, etc

3. Belongingness and Love needs - work group, family, affection, relationships, etc

4. Esteem needs - self-esteem, achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, managerial responsibility, etc

5. Self-Actualization needs - realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences

When you follow someone on Twitter, your most quality followers are those that help you fulfill all your basic needs. And if they help you achieve something you never thought you would be able to, then you have set the terms for long term friendship that both of you will benefit from. Follow someone is not a number game, it is all about psychology. And then it's about how far are you willing to go to give out your share of information to others so they can fulfill their needs. Twitter is all about give with open hands - and then you will receive in abundance back.

6. Twitter needs - peek into other peoples life, talk about yourself

Twitter has become the most popular online reality show. And we are just fascinated that we actually can participate. I can finally give my dream performance to an audience that are willing to interact.

I get many questions about who is my favorites people to follow on Twitter. My best advice is to find followers that fulfill all your six basic Cavemen needs. You will not do this overnight, take your time. Time will allow you to start a new beginning with Twitter if you follow proven techniques, and then you will discover who is the best people to follow. Over time I have found six Twitter Cavemen that helps me fulfill some of my basic Cavemen needs;

a) Biological and Physiological needs - @mashable - Social Media News and Web Tips - They know how to make a Twitter fire

b) Safety needs - @joelcomm - Twitter Power - How To Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time - He wrote the Twitter Bible

c) Belongingness and Love needs - @marismith - Mari Smith - Relationship Marketing Specialist - She is a bubbly loving person that gives you abundace of great info from every conferance/event/webinar she particpate in

d) Esteem needs - @guykawasaki - Twitter news without the fail whale - He helps you bringing your Twitter achievements to the next level

f) Self-Actualization needs - @problogger -TwiTip - An Aussie that made me realize my personal Tweet potential

g) Twitter needs - @ecomind - EcoMind - The New Beginning - I love to peek into other peoples life - and I will give and receive with open hands

Twitter Cavemen Tip of the Day

I have provided you some great resources here today. But one of my most valuable resources, and this is a resource that not mentioned enough out there. But I will share it with you, because its a public free resource.

Customer service & support for Twitter - here you will find questions/suggestions/info from Twitters users and the Twitter team themselves answers - great resource of information.

Twitter Power Team Invitation

It's Twitter Power Day! Learn more at @joelcomm - Twitter Power - How To Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time.

As part of a follow up to How To Tweet Like a Pro in 100 Days - Day 12 - I am now inviting you to become part of my Twitter Power Team. You will find there some more of the basics on how to create a Twitter Power Team. This invitation is open to everyone that is serious about fire up their own Twitter Power.

Show me how to participate!

1) Follow me at @ecomind. If you alreafy follows me go to step 2 here.

2) Send this tweet showing you are serious about your commitment;

I accepted an invitation to be part of a Twitter Power Team. Get your invitation today at

3) Send me a Direct Message (DM) notifying me that you sent the tweet and want to be part of my Twitter Power Team

4) We will announce more details when we kick start our Twitter Power Team

Your Twitter friend,

Are Morch
The TweedyCoach

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Today I can announce that I officially have launched my Facebook group: Twitter Coaching in Three Steps

Looking forward to see you there, make sure you share your ideas - comments - and tell me what kind of Twitter topics you want to see covered.

Create a Twitter snowball effect one tweet at a time

Don't try to follow or get more followers than you can handle. Like there is no get rich quick formulas that works - there is no get quick followers formula that works.

Instead of jumping into something that can damage your Twitter reputation, use proven formulas that works and that will bring you quality and loyal followers.

Follow some of the steps that is lined out in this article - How To Get More Followers On Twitter - by @problogger aka Darren Rowse.

Read - bookmark - comment and retweet valuable Twitter blogs

Daily I receive high quality content from my Twitter followers and people that I follow myself. This the true beauty of Twitter you receive high quality information for Free! So why not take advantage of it.

a) When you receive a link from one of your valued Twitter peeps - click this link and read it to determine if this info is valuable and can be something you can take advantage of yourself later on

b) Bookmark this link through delicious - this service is really great to help you with organize and bookmark the information

c) If you truly enjoy the info on the blog - make sure you leave a comment there. Most of the blogs today allows you to add your Twitter Id onto the comments. Don't miss out on this opportunity

d) After you left a comment on the blog - then you retweet the original tweet you received with the link in it

Pimp up your tweets

a) Create a Twitter Power team with your most valuable Twitter Followers - these are the ones that interact - reply to you - retweet/tweet your links - and share valuable resources with you - participate on Twitups twtvite or online conference/call - use these people as accountability partners

b) Tell each other when you have an campaign/event/product or new blog coming up - then use your team to build up excitement for your campaign/event or new blog launch - create a system where everyone in your Twitter Power team participate;

   1. You have an campaign/event/product or blog you are launching - notify everyone in your group

   2. Assign numbers to your Twitter Power team members - team member #1 will send a tweet of your upcoming event - #2, #3 ,#4 and #5 send a retweet of this tweet

   3. Have two or three campaign tweets ready so your team knows what to send out follow (2) for all tweets

   4. Launch Tweet with link to campaign - again follow (2)

   5. When your campaign is over then you rotate the team and #1 will launch his campaign and you become #5

c) Evaluate the results with your team - and make any changes that are necessary - if one team members struggle with their campaign - agree on action steps to push that campaign up again

Watch and learn from one of the masters of Twitter

@guykawasaki is mastering Twitter in truly a unique way. I highly recommend following him on Twitter. You will find some high quality information through his links. Twitter news without the failwhale - is one of the most comprehensive Twitter archives you can find. Guy Kawasaki should been dean on Twitter University. If you really are serious about becoming a Twitter Power user yourself, then his information is one of the most powerful keys you can have.

Recommend new Followers through Mr. Tweet

All of us has been new to Twitter at a time. Reward your new followers with giving them a little boost through Mr. Tweet. Mr. Tweet will send them a note that you recommended them. This will give a new follower a lot of inspiration, and you are on your way to build a loyal quality follower. And it don't cost you a penny ;)

NOTE: Tell Me - what kind of topics you want to see covered here on my blog.

Your TweedyCoach,

Are Morch

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