Soon it is the end of this year. But remember it also soon is the beginning of a NEW year!

If you have kids and been out traveling then you more then likely are familiar with the phrase ‘Are We There Yet?’. The kids feels you can’t get there fast enough, and you are more then likely tired of hearing this question for the 100th time.

But friends it is no reason to rush it. No matter how fast we want it to come, it will come in time. We just have to be a little patient. Just for us as for the kids it is not easy.

When you travel you find creative ways to keep the kids active during a long trip. We have to do the same, and find creative activities to help all of us move in the same direction.

Do you have your game plan ready?

We all want to get there fast, and we want someone else to bring us there. This mentality needs to stop! There is no reason that we should not take simple steps to help ourselves on the way.

My recommendations are to follow some of Dave Ramsey’s steps that he suggests in the Financial Peace University Course. If you want some real hard change in your life, just do what he tells. Trust me it’s hard to face the reality (it always is!!) and Dave tells you as it is.

We will with Twitter, Facebook and my blog here start our New beginning.

You and I will write a new chapter in our personal book together. We phase challenges together, and get through the bumps on the road together. Friends make sure you either share your tweets with me at Twitter or your thoughts with me at Facebook.