New Times – New Hopes – New Goals

Posted by Are Morch - | 1:58 PM

Everyone is affected of the economic tsunami in one-way or another.

We see more people in the food line at Salvation Army. People shop more at thrift stores. All of us try too stretch every dollar as much as possible. The so-called experts are puzzled about what’s happening. And we have not seen the bottom yet. With political and financial scandals topping the news we wonder where this will end.

But should we give up and allow recession and what might come up next continue to be the top news. My simple answer is – NO!

It’s time for us to pass on some good news. We will together create a New Time with New Hopes and achievable New Goals for the future. 2009 will be the year you and me will make difference. Its time for us to step up and make positive things happens.

What’s your good news?

Start passing on some good news. You can do the Follow Me Follow You here at my blog, or follow me at Together will pass on some good news that will encourage all of us.

My good news is that after a lot of hard work and a lot of determination my contract with the government went through, and I just got news that my pre-screening process for security clearance went through. I am already registered as self employed and ready to work for the US Government in 2009. For me that is really encouraging and motivating. That’s why my goal for 2009 will be to save for my Black Harley Davidson Tri Glade, and I will be able to pay cash for it!