EcoMind - Do You Mind? I Do!

Posted by Are Morch - | 1:11 PM

2008 is soon over. This year has learned us how vulnerable we all are. We all are struggling in economic tsunami. The Unites States is now officially in a recession. And the global challenges are bigger then ever. And it is still going downhill.

The snowball has run over the hill and is now sinking in the mud. Pushing it up want do it because the hill is just to steep.

Can we change this process? The politicians are trying to their part with bailouts and other incentives to wheel start turn around again. But should you and me just sit on the fence and wait until the sun will shine again?

I have no idea whose fault this is, but pointing fingers and blaming everyone want do it much better.

You and me have to do our part to prevent the tsunami from doing more damage. The so-called experts say it will be worse before it start become better. How much worse should you and me allow it to be? The political process is depending on bureaucratic systems to work. And we needed the help yesterday…

Businesses cuts jobs - businesses go bankrupt - we can’t get no credit anymore – homes goes to foreclosure – bills just keeps piling up and the list goes on and on.

What can you and me do to change this process? The election for the 44th president of United States showed us some unique processes that we need to build on. It does not matter which candidate you voted for, or if you agree or disagree with the candidate. The social networks played a big and unique part of the process.

We now need to continue building on that process to turn the global tsunami around. And make sure we are prepared to meet the new challenges that face us. We have to learn from this and the best way is to share our experience and write a unique social network book that will use by future generations. You and me will be the authors. I called the book – EcoMind – Do You Mind? – I Do!

2009 will be the year change comes to us. We need to start out change our culture! Greed, envy, selfishness and jealousy are some of the factors that brought us in this mess. We have to find new and creative ways to bring food on the table. And the big challenge for us is that we need to do this with future generations in mind. We need to save our planet from a tsunami a hole lot bigger then the economic tsunami we experience now. All of us need a wake up call. It’s time to stop this madness, and the change starts with you and me.

Lets develop the world’s most exclusive book together, and let us all is together in a unique new trend that future generations will benefit from. The journey will soon start! Buckle up and be ready to make an impact for not only yourself but for the world and future generations to come. Can we change the world? – Yes We Can!