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@Mike_Wesely: #QUOTE: "It Is very difficult to be able to tell successes from failures without making a mistake." ~~Anton P Chekhov

I was reading an article about How to lose Twitter followers in 10 steps.
We all lose focus sometimes, and end up doing things we whished we could undo. Twitter is LIVE, so when you do make a mistake it gets public. And some of your Twitter Followers will tell you.

Don’t freak out if this happens to you. But take it as a learning experience. And remember there are a difference between a Tweet spam and a Tweet mistake. If you keep repeating your mistakes they can end up being spams.

If you receive a ‘negative’ comment about one of your tweets – don’t get defensive about it. But save the original tweet together with the ‘negative’ comment as a document in one of your folders on your personal computer. Then you have taken some steps to learn from your mistakes.

Tip: Avoiding Tweet mistakes is hard, but you can limit your Tweet mistakes by finding some Twitter accountability partners.

How Can You Improve your Twitter Influence?

You have started to Tweet – you have got some followers – but you still feel like you are Tweeting to “me – myself – and whoever that guy in the mirror is”. You and me want to know when and how we will make a mark on Twitter.

Is it all about the Tweet or the Retweet?

A Tweet is basically a one-way communication. You send out your Tweet, and hope that someone reads it. It’s not before someone either send you a DM, gives a @reply or you get a retweet that you know for sure that your Tweet has become two-way communication.

Many articles that I read today that focus on the two-way communication process on Twitter talks about Retweets. Retweets is you create an effective snowball effect on Twitter, but it take time to earn a quality Retweet that will create a lot of buzz.

Here as some techniques you can start apply to eventually earn a Retweet; How To Find Twitter Twits To Retweet You Tweet!

One great way to encourage two-way communication is to start using @replies on Twitter. @reply is any Twitter update directed at someone else, designated by a prefix of '@username' before the message.

On your Twitter account I recommend setting @ Replies setting to “Show me @replies to the people I’m following”.

Then your replies;
- will display on your Twitter home page
- are viewable on public profiles and in message archives

@ Replies are a great way to show your Twitter community that you are there to participate. And it will start build your Twitter influence, and then eventually you will earn a Retweet from your followers.

Here are some tips to follow when your receive an @reply, and you also want to do this when you receive an Retweet;
1) Send a @reply to @username telling them Thank You for the @reply or the Retweet
2) Take it up a notch by recommend @username on #followfriday or through @MrTweet
3) If they have a blog or website go in there an leave a comment for their website/blog
4) If you have your own blog or website either mention their website, blog or Twitter @username in your article. Or put a link to their blog or website on your own blog or website

Can you get to many followers?

I have seen some fuzz in newspapers and in various articles about the amount of followers you should have. Of course some followers can be distractive and they clutter your Twitter community in various ways.

But to me that is all they are – distractions that you can turn off. Don’t feel to bad about it. I’m sure many already have turned me off too. Worked for the hospitality industry a period and there I learned that you can’t satisfy everyone no matter how hard you try. And you learned that you wanted the critique from your customers no matter how bad it was – at least you knew that they then gave you an opportunity to fix the problem.

But just because we got negative critique we did not shut down the business, or limited us to only accepting the loyal guests to check in.

Do your own Twitter reality check and ask what you want to achieve with Twitter. Don’t let others dictate what’s the best route to take. I’m pretty sure that the team behind @mashable that almost have 250000 followers, and @guykawasaki that has almost 90000 followers don’t know then all.

Don’t see them complain too much over it either, and I’m sure they receive a bunch of Tweets to them that someday make them jump.

“Failure is just a new opportunity to make it right…”

Your Tweedycoach,

Are Morch