How To Tweet Like a Pro In 100 Days

Posted by Are Morch - | 12:55 PM

The Simple Retweet Guide

I have put together some helpful articles here that can kickstart your Retweetability factor.

How To Retweet

How to retweet

How to Retweet: A Simple Guide

Retweet Etiquette

Twitter: The Tweet About Retweet

Retweet Etiquette

Retweet: The Infectious Power Of Word Of Mouth

Please Retweet Me

Finding great Retweets

How To Find Great Links For Twitter That Get Retweeted Like Crazy

How To Find Twitter Twits to Retweet Your Tweet!

The Butterfly Effect

Retweet – The Formula

5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter

How to get ReTweeted – The Formula

The ReTweetability Index

The Science of ReTweets

It’s Not How Many Followers You Have That Counts, It’s How Many Times You Get Retweeted

Most popular Retweets




Retweet – The Result

Re-Tweets Comprise Two Percent of All Twitter Volume

Dawn of the Twitter effect

Retweet This

Here is a simple setup that allows you to add your own “Retweet This” to either your blog or website.

<a href=" behind Link">Retweet This</a>

Replace twitterusername with your twitter username.
Replace Text behind Link with your text that you want to appear in the Retweet.

NOTE: With Twitter you still only have 140 characters available. With a Retweet you allocate automatic 4 characters plus username and text. So make sure you don't exceed the 140 characters when you either set up a Retweet link, or write a Tweet that you hope will get a lot of retweets.

Retweet This