Today I can announce that I officially have launched my Facebook group: Twitter Coaching in Three Steps

Looking forward to see you there, make sure you share your ideas - comments - and tell me what kind of Twitter topics you want to see covered.

Create a Twitter snowball effect one tweet at a time

Don't try to follow or get more followers than you can handle. Like there is no get rich quick formulas that works - there is no get quick followers formula that works.

Instead of jumping into something that can damage your Twitter reputation, use proven formulas that works and that will bring you quality and loyal followers.

Follow some of the steps that is lined out in this article - How To Get More Followers On Twitter - by @problogger aka Darren Rowse.

Read - bookmark - comment and retweet valuable Twitter blogs

Daily I receive high quality content from my Twitter followers and people that I follow myself. This the true beauty of Twitter you receive high quality information for Free! So why not take advantage of it.

a) When you receive a link from one of your valued Twitter peeps - click this link and read it to determine if this info is valuable and can be something you can take advantage of yourself later on

b) Bookmark this link through delicious - this service is really great to help you with organize and bookmark the information

c) If you truly enjoy the info on the blog - make sure you leave a comment there. Most of the blogs today allows you to add your Twitter Id onto the comments. Don't miss out on this opportunity

d) After you left a comment on the blog - then you retweet the original tweet you received with the link in it

Pimp up your tweets

a) Create a Twitter Power team with your most valuable Twitter Followers - these are the ones that interact - reply to you - retweet/tweet your links - and share valuable resources with you - participate on Twitups twtvite or online conference/call - use these people as accountability partners

b) Tell each other when you have an campaign/event/product or new blog coming up - then use your team to build up excitement for your campaign/event or new blog launch - create a system where everyone in your Twitter Power team participate;

   1. You have an campaign/event/product or blog you are launching - notify everyone in your group

   2. Assign numbers to your Twitter Power team members - team member #1 will send a tweet of your upcoming event - #2, #3 ,#4 and #5 send a retweet of this tweet

   3. Have two or three campaign tweets ready so your team knows what to send out follow (2) for all tweets

   4. Launch Tweet with link to campaign - again follow (2)

   5. When your campaign is over then you rotate the team and #1 will launch his campaign and you become #5

c) Evaluate the results with your team - and make any changes that are necessary - if one team members struggle with their campaign - agree on action steps to push that campaign up again

Watch and learn from one of the masters of Twitter

@guykawasaki is mastering Twitter in truly a unique way. I highly recommend following him on Twitter. You will find some high quality information through his links. Twitter news without the failwhale - is one of the most comprehensive Twitter archives you can find. Guy Kawasaki should been dean on Twitter University. If you really are serious about becoming a Twitter Power user yourself, then his information is one of the most powerful keys you can have.

Recommend new Followers through Mr. Tweet

All of us has been new to Twitter at a time. Reward your new followers with giving them a little boost through Mr. Tweet. Mr. Tweet will send them a note that you recommended them. This will give a new follower a lot of inspiration, and you are on your way to build a loyal quality follower. And it don't cost you a penny ;)

NOTE: Tell Me - what kind of topics you want to see covered here on my blog.

Your TweedyCoach,

Are Morch

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  1. letters2V March 3, 2009 at 8:29 AM  

    Thanx for this post, it's loaded with valuable information. I certainly learned something new.

  2. Are Morch - March 3, 2009 at 9:30 AM  

    Thanks letters2V for those kind words.

    Working on some follow up here, that I hope to post soon. So keep watching.

    Take care ;)