Did we learn another Tweet lesson or?

Posted by Are Morch - | 9:09 AM

Mass following and auto following is starting to be a Tweet dilemma.

This year I have experienced some Twitter Mass/auto follow programs that got a lot of Tweet buzz.

It started out with Tweetergetter - announcing to followers they could get up to 19,530 new followers in 30 days.

This program got a fast Tweet buzz and started a little wild fire, before someone catched up and started to announce this is just a spam – or a pyramid scam.

Then recently another program - Tweepme - here it was announced that the first 5000 members would receive a free lifetime subscriptions.

This was an opt-in group where all followed each other on Twitter.

Again a new wild fire was created on Twitter. Another Tweet buzz was started.

Big guys like @mashable and @stephenfry sent out tweets that stirred up my tweetbox – telling us that this program is missing the point of Twitter and not to fall for this.

Was recently reading an article that this could risk stirring up your follower’s base, and that I could put myself in the risk of getting suspended on Twitter.

Who should set the agenda for Twitter?

I highly respect some of the Twitter authorities, but should they set the agenda for what’s right and wrong on Twitter?

Yes, I can see the needs for setting some ground rules for Twitter. Hopefully it want get to a point where we will need some kind of approval for tweeting a link.

Of course we learn valuable lessons from the Twitter authorities, and they have earned their Twitter influence through hard work and providing us with great tweets.

What will be the best ways to set an agenda for Twitter?

Twitter is for me a true ‘People working for People’ network. And it’s all about asking ‘How Can I Help You?” The “What’s In It For Me?” days is over!

Maybe when Twitter find some ways of Monetizing there probably with be set some kind of ground rules.

In the mean time Twitter is still an open free social network where we all should be able to collaborate on various third party programs for Twitter.

I use Twitter to provide advice – information – opinions and share what I believe is valuable links that my followers can benefit from. And my followers provide similar info back to me. Then we participate with providing constructive critics to each other. All this within 140 characters.

We all want to learn How to Tweet Like a Pro without damage our Twitter reputation, but rather increase our Twitter influence and become a Twitter authority that our followers will keep referring back to.

My thoughts here are some of my reflections over Twitter – what are your thoughts about these subjects?

Does Twitter need some ground rules, and who should set out these rules?

Your Tweedycoach,

Are Morch