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I finally got @WarrenWhitlock & @CoachDeb book - Twitter Revolution. I just have to say this is a brilliant resource of Twitter information.

@WarrenWhitlock asked me to share one tip I learned from this book. Wow - not an easy task since this book is loaded with information that you can apply to improve your Twitter experience. So I will share a couple of tips here;

1. Get the book - you want regret it

2. Define your Twitter Strategy and Goals
  • participate in conversations that are related to your interest -niche - blog - website - business

  • provide news that your followers will benefit from

  • give reviews/comments of books - articles - blogs - websites that you find helpful

  • constructive feedback to your followers is the best way to show that you care

  • great tips = great customer service = followers will come back to you for more tips

  • always share your resources

  • if you have idea - ask your followers what they think

How I reached 1000 followers in three months

I got a question from one of my followers asking how I reached 1000 followers in three months.

1. I did set a goal early on to reach 1000 followers within the date I had been on Twitter for three months. For me it's all about setting goals that I am confident that I can achieve. To me it was also important that I set a number that I knew I was able to handle. In the beginning it is important to learn how to measure the results of your efforts. So don't try to get 1000's of followers if you don't know how to handle that amount of followers.

One tip here if you have a blog or website - use Google Analytics - this tool is just amazing - and the best part of it -> it's free

2. Following my Twitter Strategy and Goals has been important both to get new followers and keep them referring back to me

3. Connecting through other social networks - Facebook - here you can do a search on Twitter groups, most of them allows you to post your Twitter handle after you followed the first one on the list, usually I follow more then one here unless I already follow them

TIP: check out my Twitter group on Facebook - Twitter Coaching in Three Steps

LinkedIn - here you can also do a search for Twitter groups - many business professionals uses LinkedIn

4. I promote my Twitter handle through my blog and every time I comment on someones blog that allows me to post my Twitter handle I do so. One tip here is to write the comment on the blog article you are reading first, then Tweet the link to the blog

5. I participate in many live Webinars - this is a great way to get new followers - Mike_Wesely host Twit Talk TV - great guy to follow and here you also find a lot of great new followers

These are some of the basics I followed to achieve 1000 followers in three months. You will also lose some followers on your way - don't freak out because of that - that is just the nature of the beast.

This approach has made it easier for me to define my Twitter strategy. You will learn that the way you follow new people, and also get new followers yourself will change dramatic over time.

Twitter and Direct Messaging(DM)

Unfortunately we still experience too many that don't use Direct Messaging the right way. This has caused some to consider DM's as spam. DMs is actually a great tool for more professional communication. But we experience way to many that send some link with 'check out this' note. If I don't know you from before and this is your first DM to me, I will NOT check it out.

If you take the time to build up a Twitter relationship with me chances are that I will over time stop by and check out your link. If you keep up trying to DM me links without building a relationship first then I first opt to disallow DM's from your Twitter account, and then if you try other ways to send me links I will opt to block your Twitter account.

The Twitter Dilemma: "The good thing about Twitter is that it still is a free service - The bad thing about Twitter is that it still is a free service"

With the growth Twitter experience it's hard to tell what direction it will take, but for the majority of us that enjoy this service we have to take steps to stop this trend and also to avoid spammers from setting the rules for the future of Twitter.

Most of you that have sent me a link on your first DM I don't believe are spammers. More then likely nobody have told you this. I have done my share of mistakes on Twitter, and more then likely I will still do some more mistakes. But it is when I start repeat my mistakes over and over again I will get myself in trouble. I also recommend you read this article - Time To Take a Stand - Yes, We're Ending the DM's

TweedyCoach Tip

Your Twitter Karma is one of the best tools to navigate and keep track of your followers and who you follows.

Tell me what you want to learn about Twitter

I keep getting some questions through my Twitter account @ecomind - a big thank you to all of you for your participation and great questions! Together we can make a difference, and we will start a new beginning together.

A special thanks today goes to @therevcoach - for great participation.

Keep sending me your questions or comments.

Your Twitter friend,

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