#followfriday has become one of the best ways to endorse your friends and followers.

Friday is one of the best days to pick up new quality followers.

I recommend that you start out with endorsing friends and followers that you believe to provide you with some of the best information on Twitter.

Don't sit and wait for others to endorse yo. The best approach is to start out give yourself, then you eventually will get back in abundance.

Every Friday if someone send me an @ reply or Retweet one of my tweets I then make sure to thank them, and also endorse them through #followfriday. This is a great way to give back to your friends and followers, and they will then reward you back.

I also endorse some that I follow that provide some great information, but they are not following me. Now I also start experience the same, that people who not follow me is starting to endorse me due to my participation and information that I share.

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#followfriday stats

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NOTE: when you endorse your friends and followers by giving them a #followfriday make sure you do it in this format;

#followfriday @friendone, @friendtwo, @friendthree ...

When you endorse your friends and followers always make sure you put #followfriday in the start of the tweet. Many of the third party programs that runs statistics on #followfriday picks up this as the correct endorsement format.

Avoid using the following format;

#followfriday - @friendone - @friendtwo - @friendthree ...

Some of the third party statistic programs consider this format as unendorsements.

Retweets (tweets including RT or Retweet) are not included when calculating your endorsements.

Will I see you on #followfriday?

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Are Morch

  1. Wesley April 2, 2009 at 2:31 PM  

    Nice blog post, perhaps you could also add my #followfriday tracker?

    http://www.tweeplerank.com -- it doesn't track retweets.

  2. Are Morch - April 4, 2009 at 9:41 AM  

    Hi Wesley.

    Thanks for your nice comments

    I will check out your link. And then I will either add it on one of my blogs.

    Tweet you later.