# - the hash tag sign has become a great way to organize certain subjects, themes or groups on Twitter.

You can use the #hashtags to identify what kind of information you want your followers or potential followers to review. With the #hashtags you allow Twitter search to identify one word that followers or potential followers can use to follow the discussion related to this word.

Experiment with #hashtags and see how this effect your Twitter influence.

I have put together some helpful articles that give useful insight on How to use #hashtags more efficient.

What is #hashtags

Hashtags introduction

How #hashtags started

Groups for Twitter; or A Proposal for Twitter Tag Channels

How to start Twitter #hashtags

How to start a Twitter hashtag

Tools for Monitoring Conversations on Twitter

#hashtags Trends


What the Hashtag?!

How to use #hashtags efficiently

Anatomy Of A Successful Tweet

Hashtag Happy Hours: How Moms Party Down on Twitter

Tweet Your Message to a Larger Audience with Hashtags

How to follow a group #hashtag discussion

1. Go to Tweetchat
2. Enter you Twitter name and password
3. Room to enter: {here you put in your #hashtags word}
4. Then you are in the Tweetbox for the actual #hashtag
5. Now you don’t have to put in the #hashtags, it will be automatic added to you tweet

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