We have already established that Twitter is a two-way communication Social Media Network.

Now you want to start tap into the power of utilizing the two-way communications options Twitter allows you to use.

The Twitter @ replies is one of the best way to start two-way communications on Twitter.

When you send an @ replies this message will go directly to the @ reply box of the user you sent it too. But the real power of the @ replies is that all your followers will see this message.

You can also send an @ replies to peeps that don’t follow you.

Of course with these kind of powerful option with @ replies it is a chance for abusing this.

Some simple @ replies rules;

Don’t use @ replies to spam people

If you send me tweets like @username please check out this link – this will usually turn me off. And I will then check more of your tweets out and see if this is a pattern, if so I will unfollow and block you. Note: @ replies from people that are blocked will NOT show up in your timeline. So if someone spams you then;
a) report them to the Twitter @spam team
b) unfollow them
c) block them

Make @ replies beneficial for all your followers

Remember that when you the @ replies it not only goes to the user you directed the @ reply too, but to all of your followers. Therefore put some thoughts into it, and make sure that everyone in some way can understand it.

Add power to @ replies

Send @ replies to a group of your followers. #followfriday is an excellent example of how to send @ replies to a group. Your tweets can look something like this:

#followfriday I endorse @username1, @username2, @username3

This tweet will go directly to the @ replies box of the user I have mentioned, plus to all my followers.

Now the real power starts kick in when @username1 start retweet this tweet to all his/hers followers, and @username2 and @username3 start doing the same.

Follow up on @ replies

If someone sends or mention you in an @ replies, make sure you send them Thank You note in an @ replies. If they have a question, comment or provided some information that you can benefit from make sure to follow up. And give qualified feedback to the @ replies.

What are @ replies and mentions?

What are @replies and mentions?

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Useful @ replies tools

Tweet Replies - Get notified when someone @replies you!

Twickie - It's the Easiest Way to Archive a Twitter Response Thread!

Send you @ replies to an RSS reader

Start going Twitter Search

Type in you Twitter @username (remember to put the @ in front of username)and then click on search.

Click on link on right side that says Feed for this query

And select the RSS service you want to use for this feed.

You will now receive replies into your RSS feed service.

@ replies Tip

1. Check out how your Twitter influence is per date:

Twitter Grader


Twitter Analyzer

2. Start out doing between 1 - 10 @ replies to single users that is among your followers per day.

And do between 1 - 5 @ replies to a group of your followers per week.

3. After one week go back and check how this has effected your Twitter influence.

Share the @ replies – The Simple @ replies Guide

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