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February 14 is Valentines day – this a day where we express love for each other. Can you learn and grow on Twitter expressing your love with someone. To me true love comes from your hart. You do crazy stuff when you follow the passion of your hart.

Can we adapt this passion into a new beginning?

Yes we can! And now I learned that not only can we do it, but we should also do it to learn from our mistakes.

I goofed several times on Twitter, but I have two times that stands out for me. First I jumped into a phishing DM with both feet’s. And then I jumped into a follower pyramid.

I learned that it made my follower base more vulnerable and it was effecting my own Twitter reputation. So lesson learned – Twitter is still young and vulnerable – and if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.

What did I learn from these experiences?

That Twitter is attached to LOVE, and when I lose my passion then I get off track.

L – Twitter listener
You can learn a lot from being an active Twitter listener. Most of the tweets are real time so make a Twitter note when you see an informative tweet. And then share it with us by sending it as retweet. Top-notch tweets will get a lot of attention on Twitter.

O – Twitter observer
Observe and discover the facts behind a Tweet. Don’t jump to fast into a hot tweet just to learn that it will come back as Twitter boomerang and hit you in the head.

V – Twitter virgin
If you are Twitter newbie/virgin then tell us so. Many newbies do the same mistake – not telling that they are new to Twitter. But when you have been active on Twitter for one month or two you are not a Twitter virgin any more.

E – Twitter expert
An expert will provide you with your Twitter knowledge and help you develop your Twitter skills in the right direction.

I’m reading @joelcomm excellent book; Twitter Power: How To Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time. Not only is a great book but ten percent of author proceeds for this book goes to

Share your Twitter LOVE with someone you care about - Link Love or gift wrap your tweet.

I’ll send all my friends in my Twitterville community some Tweedy Roses – make sure you tell someone you LOVE them and care about them.

Tweet Love ;)

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