So far we focused on learning how to tweet. Now we want to expand our perspective and look on how we can use Twitter as an incredible tool. One of the main questions you should start ask yourself now is “Why should I use Twitter?”

The reasons can be many;
- Just want to meet new friends
- Build a niche network
- Promote my blog or/and website
- Customer support
- Breaking News
- Education
- Information
- Political
- Campaigning
- Announce an event
- Announce your book release
- Announce your software release
- Announce any special offers/discounts
- Inform about charity
- Inform about church
- Job alerts
- Quit some destructive habits
- Publish a picture
- Set the facts straight
- Stay in touch with employees and customers
- Research
- Be part of an online movement

You can utilize Twitter in so many incredible ways; the only thing that will stop you is your own imagination. Twitter is a great tool to start a New Beginning; don’t let your imagination be the roadblock.

31. Ask – Why Should I use Twitter?
Plan your Twitter road map. It’s like any event you plan- you know your purpose. You should also know your purpose with Twitter.

32. Start thinking how you can monetize your Twitter efforts
Monetization is about adapting non-generating assets to generate revenue. Failure to monetize web sites was a problem that caused many businesses to fold during the dot-com burst. Web sites that do generate revenue are often monetized via advertisements or subscription fees.

One of the main things I use Twitter for is to promote my blog. At my blog I focus on using advertising that is complementary to my niche.

Advertising is an art in itself. Starting a blog and put out some ads does not mean you will start see revenue from these. Escpecially when you are new to blogging. It’s a lot about trail and error.

I select various spots on my blog and keep the ad there for a certain time frame and then see how it perform. Then I move it to a different position and follow the same scenario. I use also a free tool Sitemeter - to track traffic to my blog. This way I also get an idea of how traffic effects the amount of clicks on my ad.

But everytime I a see a blog that I belive has a good ad approach I bookmark this, and then work on transform it to my blog.

If you are like me – not an marketing expert – this will require a lot of practice. And make sure you keep track of your results to find out what is working. One of my biggest mistakes I did was not keeping track of what I had done to promote my blog. Had one day I noticed a lot of traffic and several clicks to my ads – and I had no clue why. Don’t do this mistake – because it is hard to replicate a success when you are new if you don’t keep good records.

33. Find yourself a Twitter accountability partner or network
In the News we see a lot of CEOs, Wall Street executives, Banks, Mortgage lenders, Crditcard companies gone wild. There has been very little accountability put in place to control peoples actions or lack of actions. And we have to phase it you and me has also gone a little wild. Now it is time to be accountable for our action or lack of actions. I’m not perfect and I have done my share of mistakes(don’t tell my wife I said so…). This training is all about a New Beginning. It’s time to find someone to partner with on Twitter that can be your accountability partner. You can’t do everything alone. And it will be great to have someone that can give you constructive critiques either on your blog, website or on your tweets. Plus you have someone you can ask for help - and visa versa.

34. Mindmap your Twitter plan
Mind mapping is a great way to plan your Twitter approach. I use Edraw Mindmap. It’s free, and I just loved all the cool and great symbols they had available. This works great for me especially since my short-term memory is very SHORT…

35. Create a Twitter Brand name
Many of the top Twitter users have been able to create a Twitter Brand name for themselves. This make them stand out, and every time the post a tweet it will get attentions plus many clicks on their links. And almost every day they are among the top people on Retweetist. They almost are guaranteed to get a retweet. The things you and me need to work on here is;
- Attractive
- Attention
- Recognize
- Stand out
- Remember
- Distinguish
- Product
- Profile
- Informative
- Instructive
- Humor
- Bold

“If you do the things you need when you need to do them, then someday you can do the things you wan to do when you want to do them.” ~ Zig Ziglar ~

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