After two weeks sliding a little out of my main topic, I am tweeding myself back to tweet basics.

Thanks for all kind of Tweet feedback – both positive and negative. Hey if you can’t handle negative feedback then you are not motivated for a new beginning.

Did get some feedback that you can learn How To Tweet in one day getting some books on quotes, watch some comedy and Retweet some good people. I don’t disagree that you can learn How To Tweet in one day. Basic conversation on Twitter basically require that you are polite and don’t spam.

Twitter authorities that is highly recognized and more then likely get a high volume of tweet buzz after they send out a tweet did not achieve this recognition over night.

To me they did what it took to get them where they are today. For me this coaching program is all about doing what it takes to achieve my goals, and help you achieve yours. We want to go behind the scenes of sending a tweet that achieve high amounts of tweet buzz and rank high on ReTweets.

Yesterday I was watching and chatting with several Twitter authorities on Tweet-A-Thon 2009. What a blast it was. Learning from some of the Twitter masters is just something you can’t put a prize on. My goal will be to do a blog interview with one or more of these profiles – so keep tweedling here…

36. Tweets and Google
Google provides some of the best tools for your Tweets. iGoogle is a absolute must if you want to move your tweets to the next level. You can also send tweets from iGoogle. And if you don’t have Gmail yet then sign up now – it’s free and a tweety must. Google has some great statistic and other tools that help analyze your efforts. This is great tools both for newbies and pros.

37. Who’s tweetin about you
Find out who is tweetin about you is really helpful for your Twitter growth. This is not very tricky. TweetBeep keeps track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates.

38. Add #hashtags to your tweets

Hashtags are tags presented by the # sign. They are used to track data about certain subjects. With Twitter search you can keep track of responses to a certain # in real time. Visit - and here you can find some of the most common #hastags used. Start organize some of your tweets with a #hastag.

39. Twitter lingo

Not familiar with the entire Twitter lingo yet? Then view the Twitter Glossary. Also to kick your tweets up a notch learn some Twitter Etiquette. And view and share Twitter in plain English with your followers.

40. Customer support and service
Tweet with the attitude on ‘How Can I help you?’ If you give to your followers with and open hand then you will receive in abundance back again. Don’t be afraid to share your information for free. If you know something that you think your followers can benefit from – let them know for free. Don’t send them some affiliate link to sign up with. You want to build trust, and remember this is all about a new beginning – so get rid of those old habits that did not work.

Remember if you make one bad tweet it takes at least 10 good tweets to get your tweet reputation stabilized again.

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