I was reading an article on TwiTip about how to Improve Your Twitter Network by Avoiding Stereotypes.

This shows some of the importance of planning your Twitter strategy. You will come to a point on Twitter where you will experience some setbacks. Be prepared for these setbacks. There will be followers that drop out on you for various reasons. This can also be one of the side effects of auto following.

Many Twitter users have set up for auto follow on every one that follows them. I have done this for a while myself. But as my Twitter community has grown I see that I need to a better control of my network.

Tweedy steps for day 6:

26. Control your Twitter network
If you are using auto follow options then now it is time to consider putting it on hold. Controlling it is not too hard. I will use a watch strategy. Daily I use about 30 minutes to check out who I am following – who is following me – who is not following me – who are my fans – who are my new followers. I will check their profile and also go through some of their tweets. The tool I will use to do this is FriendOrFollow. And also use Qwitter to see which followers that choose to unfollow you.

27. Don’t forget about your Twitter appearance
I still see many that don’t use any images on their Twitter profile. Appearance is important if you want to utilize Twitter to full extent. As we start filter out on our followers/unfollowers it is important to provide something that identify you and make it easier to promote your self towards new followers. If you want to stand out and want to promote either a blog or your website – then don’t be shy. Let us know who you are. And also use Twitpic to share some photos with your followers.

28. Getting Retweets
Retweets is what makes your tweets go viral. For us newbies this is complex and demands practice. You can get one or two Retweets in the first couple of months depending on the quality of the tweet and the link you provide. To learn more about how to get a Retweet check out Dan Zarrela’s article The 20 Words and Phrases That Will Get You the Most ReTweets. Use his advice combined with Tweetburner to keep track of how many clicks you get on your link, and then see how many retweets you get. When you get a stronger Network and build up your trust among your followers – bigger chance you have to achieve a Retweet. And when someone gives you a Retweet – send him or her a thank you note.

29. Share your Twitter link
Get your Twitter link out there. Share it on all social networks you are part of. And if you are active on forums then tell them where to go for some cool tweets. Start put your Twitter link in your emails. If you have a business card then put it on there. And of course if you have a blog or website then you put it out there. Anytime you make a comment on a blog or website, then put your Twitter link there. Plus start share your followers link on Twitter every Friday. Every Friday there is a game on Twitter where you can present some of your followers that you think others can benefit from. It’s called #followfriday – when you see this in a tweet just click on it and you will see several recommendations. If you do it for your followers – they will do it for you.

30. Work on your Twitter Toolkit
There are a lot of tools out there to help you with your Twitter appearance. Here is short list of some of the tools I have mentioned:
a. Gmail
b. Tweetlater
c. Tweetdeck
d. My Twitter Toolbar
e. Twittercounter
f. FriendOrFollow
g. Twitter Search
h. Twellow
i. Qwitter
j. MyTweetSpace
k. Blogger
l. Blogcatalog
m. Tweetburner
n. Twitpic

By now we are starting to see a difference in our Twitter appearance. And we experience more feedback from our followers. It’s all about asking ‘How can I help you?’, participating, giving back, share information, appearance, persistence and patience. When you experience setbacks or some Twitter adversity then take a break – sit down – go over your Twitter plan and goals – rewind – and go back over previous steps – you never will get something for doing nothing. Take the proper action steps to get you back on track again.

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