Twitter is growing like crazy. Traffic to Twitter has increased ten-fold (947%) from January 2008 to mid-January 2009, making it one of the fastest-growing websites of the year, according to Hitwise UK.

This gives us little glimpse of the Social Network movement that we are part of. Twitter will change the way we operate online. We already see a lot of business starting to utilize Twitter to promote their business. The opportunities on Twitter are beyond the sky.

You are here at the right time. It’s time to join this Social Network movement. Be Twitterrized! Follow me at: @ecomind.

Tweedy steps for day 5:

21. Make your Twitter background stand out
It’s time to get a little more professional on our Twitter presentation. Get yourself a Twitter background that stands out. There are several great free options out there. I used MyTweetSpace. I loved their templates. But you can also Google ‘Free Background for Twitter”. There are plenty of good options out there.

22. Profile – Profile – Profile
In Real Estate it is all about location – location – location. Twitter is more about profile – profile – profile. On Twitter you have 160 characters for your profile. And also you can put in a link to your blog or website. I now matched my Twitter and Blog profile. This to better define my niche and what my interests are. My profile I have updated one time during my journey so far. My profile is a result of my own learning experience and reading other informative tweets on Twitter.

23. Utilizing Twitter together with a blog
Twitter is a gateway to new opportunities. You have to make sure there is something on the other side. Create a blog where you write about your passion or area of expertise. You can create a free blog with Blogger and Wordpress. And start ask your Twitter friends ‘How Can I Help You?’. Visit your follower’s blog to get ideas and inspiration. If you see something you like bookmark it and leave a comment on their blog. Many blogs allows you to put in your own blog link and Twitter link with your comments. Personally when I see an article I like I start out with a comment, then I bookmark the article and then I tweet the link to the article to share it with my followers.

24. Find Twitter on Facebook
You can find Twitter groups on Facebook. At Facebook just do a search for ‘Twitter’ under groups. This I highly recommend. Here I found several great Twitter groups and a lot of great followers. And I found some very informative material about Twitter at Facebook. My goal here is to create my own Twitter fan page there. Has to create something that is unique and fit in with profile and niche here. If you are not signed up with Facebook yet, then visit me at Facebook.

25. Think outside the box
To grow Twitter and your new blog you should look into to programs that are complementary to each other. This means finding program that support each other. Like I use Twitter to support my blog. And I also use my blog to promote my Twitter link. Facebook I use to support both Twitter and my blog. Another great tool I now use to support Twitter and my blog is blogcatalog. This tool is just awesome, and their service is top notch! Make sure you also follow them in Twitter at @blogcatalog.

Tell them that I sent you there.. :)

If you are not convinced about the effect of Twitter yet then read this article Dawn of the Twitter effect. Tells you how one Tweet overloaded one blog with traffic. And make sure you follow @mashable – maybe your blog will be Mashed and Crashed one of these days.

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  1. Ryan McLean February 4, 2009 at 1:40 PM  

    I couldn't find your email so here is my email to you

    Hey there,
    It’s your man Ryan here from I am running a competition on my blog where you can win a Flip Mino HD. Who doesn’t want to win the coolest video gadget around?
    There probably won’t be that many entrants so your chances of winning will be pretty good, and the Flip Mino HD could help you boost your blog traffic by making video posts (just an idea).
    Anyway if you want to enter check it out at
    Good luck

  2. EcoMind February 5, 2009 at 5:02 AM  

    Hi Ryan.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Have to look into adding my email on my blog.

    I will check out the link you sent me here. Video posting is an idea that sounds good. Something I most defintive will look into.

    Take care.

    Cheers.. Are