Twitter is just awesome! Thanks to all my Twitter followers and friends for all the great feedback and response I have got. I am really humble and feel privileged to being part of creating a new beginning for so many.

Twitter will help create a new era for you and me. We will coach each other through an exceptional experience for all of us. It’s all about participating and giving something back.

Tweedy steps for day 4:

16. Bookmark – Favorite and Group your Tweets
Tweetdeck and Tweetlater are great tool to help you organize your tweets. But you also have to do your part. I always recommend to bookmark informative links. And organize these links in Favorite folders at your browser. And also use Tweetdeck to organize your tweets in group and put informative Tweets in your Favorite at Tweetdeck. Your followers can through Twitter see your favorites.

17. Find your Twitter niche
Finding your Twitter niche can be tricky, but if you find a niche or subject that you are passionate about it will make you stand out. And this way it will be easier to find followers that will recommend you to others. I used Twellow to search my niche and to help finding others that share the same interests as me.

18. Create a Twitter Plan
Tweeting all day can be fun enough, but you need a plan with it. Else you never will be able to use Twitter to its full capacity. If you have a blog, web site or a online business make sure you connect this with your tweets. I put my Twitter all over my blog. Now I also have found options to either tweet or retweet my articles. Don’t make your Twitter plan to complicated.
a. Sign up for Twitter
b. Find followers
c. Start tweeting
d. Organize my tweets
e. Find my twitter niche
f. Combine twitter with my blog
Be creative and set up your own Twitter plan as you would set up an shopping list. We will have as a goal to create a professional Twitter plan within 100 days.

19. Unfollow/Follow – Who are you following and are they following you?
When you Twitter starts getting fairly large then it can be ok to check out who you are following that don’t follow you. And also the other way who are following you, but you are not following them. I have several that I follow that provide some great insight on Twitter, but they don’t follow me back. But I am not stopping to follow them just because they don’t follow me. When I see someone that I follow that don’t provide the information I’m looking for then I keep them under ‘watch’ for a couple of weeks. And then I determine if it still is worth follow them. All of us was new to Twitter at one point, and my goal is not to scare those that are new away, but to come here for learning, express and share their thoughts.

The tool I use for help myself updated on followers is FriendOrFollow.

20. Filter information through Twitter search
Twitter Search is great way to find real-time info on Twitter. I actually use Twitter Search to search up subjects of interest, and see if I can find new people to follow there. You can use various search operators - Twitter Search Operators. These will help you find what you are looking for. The first thing I did on Twitter Search was to write in my Twitter username and hit search. This gives you a basic idea on some of the information you can find there. I find this tool very helpful. To begin with I just suggest to try and fail. Sometimes you will see certain words in a tweet that has a hashtag(#) in front of them. Click on these words just to see what happens. We will get more into how to group words in your tweets so they show up on Twitter Search.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself” ~ Andy Warhole ~

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